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"Oscar" silver agricultural technology wins two awards in pesticide industry

issuing time :2021-01-25


Recently, the annual plant protection product contribution award and promotion award ceremony, which is known as the "Oscar" of pesticide industry, was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. The key products of Yinnong science and technology, pesticide nongzhouxing (5.7% Emamectin Benzoate Microemulsion) and fungicide Nong Ling (48% benzoxystrobin SC), were both on the list and won the award again.

The event was sponsored by agricultural materials guide of China chemical industry newspaper and directed by the plant protection products promotion committee of China Plant Protection Association. It adopted the expert review and one vote veto system. The review adhered to the three standards of advanced technology, standardized management and remarkable benefits. It was authoritative, fair and transparent. It aimed to pay attention to food security and promote advanced agricultural technologies and products to the whole industry.

Contribution award of plant protection products in 2019: nongzhouxing



Yinnong technology, relying on technological innovation to lead the development direction of the industry, is the first enterprise to market 5.7% Emamectin pesticide microemulsion. The control effect of nongzhouxing on Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, thrips and Spodoptera litura is outstanding. It has been in the forefront of the sales of similar Emamectin salt products, and has formed a brand influence and appeal in the industry.

"Formula Star Award" for 2020 China pesticide preparation industry model, "top selling brand products of pesticides in national plant protection market in 2019", "excellent control products of Spodoptera litura in 2019", "top selling brand products of pesticides in China plant protection market" Behind every heavy honor, it represents the industry and growers' high recognition of Yinnong's scientific and technological innovation and development, advanced intelligent manufacturing, excellent products and high-quality services over the years.

Contribution award of plant protection products in 2019




As a new generation of methoxyl acrylate products, Nong Ling Ling's content is as high as 48%, and its control effect is more prominent. It has good control effect on anthracnose, sheath blight, scab, lipid spot, yellow spot, rust and so on. At the same time, it plays an important role in promoting crop health, green leaves and beautiful fruit, enhancing crop stress resistance and improving the quality of agricultural products.

Nong Ling Ling has strong absorption, xylem conduction, high suspension rate, stable and difficult stratification. It is obviously superior to similar imported products in safety, efficacy and high cost performance. It is welcomed and praised by the majority of mango, banana, citrus, persimmon, litchi, rice and other growers, and has many loyal fans in the north and south of the river.

Yinnong technology implements the national policy of reducing and increasing efficiency, has the courage to innovate, and constantly optimizes the dosage form and formula of products, far exceeding the performance and effect of similar products at home and abroad, and effectively meets the current needs of flight defense. In the future, Yinnong technology will continue to concentrate on R & D, create more "ingenious products" with craftsman spirit, enable agriculture, and continue to create new agricultural values.