Scientific intelligence

Focus on the research and development of new pesticides

Jingxin intelligent products win the future

Whether now or in the future, Yinnong insists on only making high-quality products and focusing on the creation of each product.

In terms of production, Yinnong technology pursues consistent high quality products and constantly refreshes the quality concept and product standards of domestic pesticide preparations. We purchase the best materials at home and abroad, use DCS / SCADA system to control product production, standardized QEO management system to regulate all aspects of production and strict inspection, and combine is system to realize full traceability of products, so as to effectively guarantee the stability of product performance and quality, greatly improve production efficiency, and promote the intelligent and information-based production of new pesticide preparations, Promote the standardization of safety and environmental protection management.

In 2018, Yinnong technology's "black lamp factory" was put into operation, creating a new benchmark for modern pesticide production and opening a new era of "intelligent manufacturing" of pesticides in China.