Research development

Committed to the development and promotion of high-end new pesticide formulations

In 2016, Yinnong Technology's 1200㎡ domestic leading R&D center was put into use, equipped with top-notch scientific researchers, various advanced pesticide formulation development equipment, and a complete set of pesticide physical and chemical properties determination, quality analysis and testing instruments. In 2021, the R&D center will be fully upgraded, and the GLP laboratory will start trial operation. The R&D center covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. It will become a comprehensive pesticide formulation research institute integrating formulation, formulation research, full analysis, and efficacy research, providing products with powerful technologies. backing.

Yinnong Technology focuses on innovative R&D and process optimization, focusing on creating excellent product performance. The R&D center maintains long-term and close scientific research and technology cooperation with China Agricultural University, Nankai University, Xiamen University, South China Agricultural University, Shandong Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry and other domestic first-line scientific research institutions, and is committed to high-end Development and promotion of new pesticide formulations. The annual R&D investment in the R&D center accounts for more than 7% of the sales in the same year. It has been successively evaluated as the "Guangdong Province New Environmental Protection Pesticide Preparation Engineering Technology R&D Center", "Guangdong Province Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center", and "Huizhou Enterprise Technology Center". The company has 21 effective patented technologies, including 16 invention patents, 7 invention patents and 1 utility model patent have entered the trial period.

In 2019, the company's 7 best-selling new formulation pesticide products passed the evaluation of national scientific and technological achievements, of which 4 products reached the international advanced level, and 3 products reached the domestic leading level. In 2019, Yinnong Technology R & D broke through the "combination problem" of saflufenacil and glyphosate, and cooperated with the industry giant BASF, which owns its compounding patent rights, to develop the combination of saflufenacil and glyphosate. "Jing", became the first pesticide preparation company in China to provide R&D technical support to multinational companies. In 2020, Yinnong Technology and Dow will cooperate to upgrade the formula of the flagship product Nongzhou Xing, use environmentally friendly solvents, from raw materials to additives to achieve intrinsic safety, Nong Xing green formula in one fell swoop won the 2020 China's pesticide preparation industry ingenuity model "Formulation Star" prize.

In order to continuously improve the level of research and development and quality inspection of new pesticide formulations, Yinnong Technology spent two years building a GLP laboratory and began trial operation in January 2021, and will strive to obtain certification from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the European Union. Once the level of analysis and testing and the report issued in the field of pesticide research achieve global recognition, it will not only allow the company to participate in a wider range of international cooperation, but also

It will also directly promote the products developed by Yinnong to truly enter the international market. In this way, Yinnong Technology's comprehensive competitiveness in the pesticide industry will continue to improve, and it will also play a positive role in promoting the development of China's pesticide industry.