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Why the choice of silver farmers - a vast market space, unlimited development may


We are a leading domestic pesticide formulation enterprise, committed to changing the status quo of China's pesticide industry, leading the industry development;

Our ideas, we are the people of the value of the same


Respect and trust in others;  Achievements and contributions of the pursuit of excellence;  The principle of keeping good faith;  Encourage reform and innovation;  Learning, growing, happy life; 

We are looking for a marketing talent with a success.


A man with strong initiative;  A man who dares to challenge himself;  An honest and trustworthy person;  A person who is responsible for himself;  A conscientious man;  A person who;  A happy person;  A grateful person;  A man with a strong action; 

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We have the most advanced research center of pesticide formulations, first-class production site and professional management team;

We are currently in the southeast coast of the market has been successful, but in China's vast pesticide market and huge market capacity, it is just the tip of the iceberg;

We need to market, sales, technology, management and other fields of different levels of talent to join, to the rapid development and expansion;

We offer a full range of training, learning and promotion opportunities, as well as improving the remuneration and benefits;  

Most important, we are more concerned about your personal growth and happy life.