The beginning of an era, from the first dream

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The company was founded in 2003,

In 2008, it officially moved to the new factory in Ma'an Town, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province


The company is mainly engaged in the production of single insecticide emamectin benzoate. It has successively developed two different types of microemulsions and water dispersible granules, and quickly made the annual sales of this product exceed 50 million yuan, establishing a preliminary brand in the southeast coastal area. Image. Yinnong Technology, which has created the leading brand of China's A dimensional salt, has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

Main development


Construction investment

The company abandoned the original production plant and invested in the construction of three new workshops for microemulsion, suspension and water dispersible granules, and a total of 7 production lines controlled by DCS automation. At the same time, the six products of pesticides and fungicides were put into production on a dedicated line, which fully guaranteed the product quality and quality stability.


New launch

After three years of careful research, YINNONG Technology has carefully researched and created a new fungicide-Nongjing®, which has aroused a strong response in the southern fruit tree area once it was launched. Professional growers are surprised to find that Yinnong's products are excellent in terms of safety and efficacy. Marked by the listing of Nongjing®, the company quickly broke the monopoly of the high-end fungicide market by multinational companies, and successfully opened a new era of pesticides and fungicides.



The company demolished the original office building, and built a new intelligent office building and a professional pesticide formulation research and development center on the original site. In the same year, the company completed the shareholding system transformation and was successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System (NEEQ).


Put into use

The 1200㎡ domestic leading R&D center was put into use. After the comprehensive upgrade, the center became a comprehensive pesticide formulation research institute integrating formula, formulation research, full analysis, and efficacy research, providing a strong technical backing for the product. In the same year, the company ranked among the "2016 China Top 50 Pesticide Preparation Sales".


Leading technology

Take the lead in developing the formulation of saflufenacil and glyphosate, and launch a strategic cooperation with the chemical giant BASF, and become a Chinese pesticide preparation company relying on its outstanding R&D capabilities to provide product technical support to multinational companies.


"Black Light Factory"

YINNONG Technology's "Black Light Factory" was officially put into operation, becoming the first pesticide manufacturer in the industry to realize a fully automatic unmanned factory, opening a new era of "intelligent manufacturing" of pesticides.


Internationally advanced

Seven best-selling new formulation pesticide products of YINNONG have passed the national scientific and technological achievements evaluation. Among them, Kanjing, Nongzhouxing, Lingrun and Piaojin have reached the international advanced level, and three products of Sundo, Yinnongwei and Nongjing It has reached the leading domestic level, the application effect is remarkable, and it has a broad market prospect.


Specialized and new "little giant"

YINNONG Technology has successfully been selected into the special new "little giant" national team of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by virtue of its outstanding performance in continuous technological innovation, advanced technology, excellent product quality performance, and leading growth.